Our Services

We offer both in-house and public training courses to working professionals, university graduates or anyone looking to enhance their working skills and enabling them to move forward in their career.

Our in-house courses are tailored to suit the needs of each client. All of our courses are HRDC refundable.

Our public courses are limited to 5 participants per session. A student discount is available upon presentation of your student card.



With a combined number of 35 years+, Our Team has worked on financial models in the Banking, Investment, Asset management, Insurance and Leasing, Accounting, Financial Services and Real Estate fields. We now leverage this experience to develop Tailor-made models designed to meet maximum user requirements.

Our key input and sensitivity levers are built to your specifications and all outputs are tailored to your reporting and disclosure requirements. Our aim is to deliver a model with minimal complexity and make your modelling experience as straightforward as possible.